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First published in 2010, Home/Birth: A Polemic is a ground-breaking project with a specific message: we must consider the politics  behind U.S. birthing practices and histories when making choices around our own medical care. Midwives, doulas, feminist scholars and others have assigned this book as required reading, and many people changed the way they had children as a result of reading it. Out of print for several years, Home/Birth is finally available again, in new paperback and digital editions.

Home/Birth is a singular book, not only because it addresses the many urgent issues around women’s health, but also because of its unique form and structure. At once a  feminist manifesto and  a collaborative, personal lyric essay, it is a hybrid text that  explores genre, gender, motherhood, female friendship, pregnancy loss, and the politics and poetics of birthing. It is heartbreakingly candid and immensely useful.

The re/issue of Home/Birth includes a note on the new edition written by Greenberg and Zucker.

Home/Birth: A Poemic is an empowering, honest, generous, painful must-read for mothers-to-be and those who love them.” —Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein

“Greenberg and Zucker have written an intimate, raw, beautiful book. Home/Birth lets you in on a conversation, a most important conversation, between friends, between women, between a woman and herself. It feels like the ancestor midwives are listening in, too, chiming in with reassurance, stories, outrage, wisdom. In a culture that so often silences this conversation with fear and shame and smiles and nods, Greenberg and Zucker sustain it through the interruptions and soundbites, including them in the discourse but never letting them shut it down. Like birth itself, this conversation is not linear or predictable; it is messy and real and powerful, and a gift to be privy to. ‘We haven’t even begun to talk about…’ is one of the book’s refrains, but there’s so very much here.” —Jennifer Block, author of Pushed

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