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Annunciation is a poem in 19 sections. The poem travels from Florence (Italy) to New York to Kansas City to Nova Scotia and considers motherhood, sex, the Virgin Mary, pregnancy, and the body. In 2002 Annunciation was chosen by Sharon Dolin and Lynn Emanuel as the winner of the Center for Book Arts Chapbook Competition. One hundred letter press chapbooks were designed and printed by book artist Roni Gross. ivermectina preço agafarma

“Annunciation uses the dash as if it had never been used before, not even by Dickinson. In other words, the gives and takes of tempo, the stasis and kinesia, the liquid furling and unfurling of the lines of these poems are highly original and smart. does ivermectin kill ticks on chickens I admire, as well, the sleight of hand transformations of the book: a sky becomes a duomo and then a drop cloth over a cage. does ivermectin treat cocciodosis Finally, this is an exceptionally intelligent meditation upon birth, the body, the boundary.”
Lynn Emanuel

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